The Queensman Lodge

No. 2694


Formally The Justinian Lodge

Welcome to the official website of The Queensman Lodge 2694


A very warm welcome awaits any Brother whom may wish to visit us, and we hope that this brings Freemasonry to  the attention of any former Queensman and PWRR serviceman.


A Regimental Lodge being affiliated to the Queens’s Regiment forebear Regiments, Princess of Wales Royal Regiment of Queen’s and Hampshire’s was the wish of many, and the realisation that such a Lodge could be formed soon became a viable option when replies from an article in Freemasonry Today came flooding in from Brethren who had served in the Regiment’s.


In the July of 2010, we held a meeting at the Hercules & Pillars public house opposite Freemason’s Hall, Great Queen Street to form a working committee as to form the Lodge, which right from the beginning was always going to become known as The Queensman Lodge.


With the help from the rejuvenation officer within Grand Lodge we soon heard that a very old and distinguished Lodge had fallen into difficult due to declining numbers and that they were in talks to hand in the Warrant. We met the Brethren from the Justinian Lodge, and as a result of that meeting, 30 Queensman became members of the Lodge at the June Installation. During that year actions were put in place to rename the Lodge from Justinian to Queensman. We officially became the Queensman Lodge on the 14th of December 2011, the occasion was marked on the 26th May 2012 where at that meeting we were renamed and the first Queensman Master was Installed.


After the 1st WW the number of new Lodges being formed reached record numbers, this was as a result of former serviceman wanting to meet old friends whom they served, within quiet and peaceful surroundings, and of course enjoy a good meal together afterwards. Regimental Lodges today are no different.


The Queensman Lodge was formed by Queensman for Queensman who would like to be Freemasons and rekindle old friendships.


Our future looks very healthy as we already know that our first two years will be very busy with the number of Candidates joining us.


Sincerely and Fraternally,


W.Bro. Stuart Clarke

Worshipful Master 2023-2024



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Lodge 2694


Queensman Lodge Initiates two VC holders


Read the report and view the pictures of the historic Lodge meeting held in the Grand Temple, Freemasons’ Hall





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