The Queensman Lodge

No. 2694


Formally The Justinian Lodge


The Lodge Almoner

The core role of the Lodge Almoner is to be the eyes and ears of the lodge, ensuring the welfare of its members, widows and dependants.


The main responsibilities are:

Keeping in touch.

Keeping informed.

Providing support.

Record keeping and reporting.


The Almoner will report to all the brethren at each lodge meeting, keeping them informed as necessary, while maintaining a strict confidence in any welfare related issues he is dealing with.


All the brethren within the lodge can assist him by watching out for any signs of distress and advising the Almoner confidentially. As a military Lodge, we are spread out across the four quarters of the country, and in some cases, even further than that. It is therefore very

important that if our members hear of any brother in distressed circumstances, the Almoner is advised as soon as possible.


It is also beneficial that we have other organisations we can turn to in times of need, such as the Royal British Legion, SSAFA Forces Help, and even the Queens Regimental Association, to name a few. But of course, we all hope that we will not need to use any of these organisations, but none of us know when and if we will need to.


The Almoners needs to maintain contact with lodge members, including those who are not able to attend meetings regularly, and the widows and dependants of former members. He needs to be alert to problems they may face, and, very importantly, aware of the range of support available to them.



The Almoner of The Queensman Lodge is:


W.Bro. Michael Egan LGR

77 West Hill,


Milton Keynes,

Bucks MK14 6BG


Tel: 01908 318947

Mob: 070850336032